La Croix Religion

Are you interested in the world of religion and spirituality? Choose La Croix Religion!

“La Documentation catholique” becomes La Croix Religion. The magazine’s mission remains the same: to translate and publish the texts that have influence over life in the Church. The editorial staff brings readers reference documents and translations by proven linguists.

Content will remain identical to that of La Documentation Catholique.

Each issue of La Croix Religion, you will find :

  • Religious news from Rome, France and the world.
  • Reference sections regarding nominations (bishops, priests, laity, cardinals, etc…)
  • The reference documents of the Church in complete translations
  • The acts of Pope Francis and the Holy See
  • Resignations, deaths and decrees

Your one-year subscription includes 4 issues in 100% digital format, as well as an annual special issue to be published in January summarizing religious news from the previous year. 6 days a week (from Monday to Saturday), readers will also receive an email with La Croix Religion’s daily newsletter. Readers will also be granted access to the editor’s website, including a search engine for Ecclesiastic archives and reference texts. You will have access to all of La Croix Croire’s content, plus La Croix Religion.

With your subscription to La Croix Religion, you won’t miss any of the latest news on religion/spirituality!

The digital version will be sent by the publisher. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation.

Don’t forget that our catalog is also available in French!


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