Journal du Médecin Coordonnateur

The Journal du Médecin Coordonnateur is destined to coordinating doctors and healthcare teams in Ehpad  establishments.

JMC addresses an obvious need. JMC has been filling the void between a medical press that never talks about geriatrics and a geriatric press that does not mention institutional news since 2003. Every two months, you’ll receive news, practical information, fact sheets, and numerous contributions from professionals, our readers. Thanks to Journal du Médecin Coordonnateuryou can be sure to receive all the latest in your field in a timely fashion. Keep abreast of developments and best practices to enrich your workplace and care for patients.

The journal offers information that is dissected and analysed by experts. Plus, JMC offers access to complete training courses with renowned speakers.

With Journal du Médecin Coordonnateur, you’ll get:

  • the latest news and possibilities
  • news from the sector: the future of coordinating doctors in the field, for example.
  • dossiers on Ehpads and their coordinating doctors.
  • geriatric medical news
  • professional information such as the PASA
  • the Idec section

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