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Histoire de l’Antiquité à nos Jours transports its readers back in time to past civilizations and historical events. Its pages present contributions from specialists and historians of history on both micro and macro scales. The magazine highlights historical sites thanks to various contributions from archaeologists. This 76-page bi-monthly historical magazine is richly illustrated for the enjoyment of its readers.

Plus, each issue of Histoire de l’Antiquité à nos Jours illustrates the different eras that have preceded ours. Each age had its specific cultural practices and problematics. This magazine highlights the individuals and civilizations of the past that shaped the world’s historical evolution. Thus, the magazine deals with subjects like as the invention of writing, the fall of Rome, and the culture of Pharaonic Egypt.

Studying our past allows us to acquire a general culture from a very young age. It is also a means of perpetuating history and preserving it over the centuries. It preserves historical monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Maya temples or the Eiffel Tower. Humankind needs to know where we come from, how, and why. History gives us the keys to our past, and presents the different ideologies that have brought us to today.

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