France Amérique

France-Amérique: finding France in the United States (and vice versa!)

France-Amérique is a monthly magazine that serves as a cultural bridge between France and the United States. This magazine is the only bilingual French-English publication dedicated to French culture in the US. It is aimed at French expatriates and French speakers living in the USA, but also at Americans who are interested in French culture. You will receive articles on current events and the French way of life, as well as on cuisine and the economy. The defense of the French language and the exchange of ideas between these two countries are also discussed. Find portraits of people bridging the gap between French and American culture in diverse fields.

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If you want to learn more about French culture and benefit from useful and reliable information, then subscribe to France-Amérique so that you don’t miss anything about the links between France and America throughout history. Find all our magazines on international culture and society, as well as our specialized press and travel titles. And don’t forget, our catalog is also available in French!

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