Femmes Ici et Ailleurs

Femmes Ici et Ailleurs: Women Working Together

This magazine is 100% inspiration, 0% advertising!

Since 2012, this 84-page bimonthly magazine has been highlighting women, past and present, around the world, in all their diversity.

Because giving women a voice means allowing the greatest number of people to discover new role models, Femmes ici et ailleurs highlights all these women and their initiatives.

Major reports, interviews with personalities from all over the world, meetings, portraits… Femmes ici et ailleurs has been recognized from the very beginning for its editorial quality and its openness to the international scene.

Each issue invites you to meet women from all over the world, who are working towards a brighter tomorrow! An inspiring magazine with strong values and thought-provoking analyses on many social issues. Richly illustrated, you will appreciate its layout and its large format!

Because Femmes ici et ailleurs must be read here and elsewhere, we deliver to 190 countries!

Discover our catalog of women’s magazines with a large choice of magazines for today’s women! Available in French and English.


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