Esprit Veggie

Esprit Veggie is a cooking and wellness magazine for vegetarians. It’s also perfect for vegans, and anyone looking to go more plant-based with their diets!

Every month, Esprit Veggie will bring you 124 pages dedicated to vegetarian cuisine and lifestyle. In each issue, you’ll find a multitude of recipes, from entrées to dessert. Each recipe proposes high-quality ingredients that are good for your mind and body. Plus, each issue will bring you practical solutions for respecting your choice to go vegetarian. Plus, each issue of the magazine will bring you interesting advice and insights as to how we choose to nourish ourselves. With the creative recipes, you’ll learn to marry different flavors all in respecting your dietary boundaries. Each issue contains seasonal reports so that you can nourish yourself while staying in-tune with your environment.

With Esprit Veggie, you’ll also discover the vegetarian creations of a great chef. This magazine brings you advice from culinary bloggers and even a section for kids. Your whole family will be satisfied! What’s more, you’ll find out why so many people are making the decision to change their diet for the better. This magazine is here to prove that vegetarian cuisine can be delicious!

Esprit Veggie will bring you plenty of food for thought in the form of book extracts, interviews, and special reports.

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