Escape is back with a new look! An emblematic title of the outdoor press, this bi-annual now offers a larger format, with more pages and more content. Get the essentials on the destinations that inspire you and all the equipment you need to set off on your adventure. You’ll never wind up staying home due to feeling under-prepared again with attentive reading of this essential magazine. Escape is here to accompany you on your most exciting escapades.

A special section, “Outdoor sports and natural health,” presents all the necessary preparations according to the seasons. For fans or amateurs, it is a real mine of information for all sports buffs. Free-ski, ski touring, trail, climbing, mountaineering, trekking … so many exciting sports. This is a magazine for sports-lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts, and it covers a wide range of activities, from the most extreme to good Sunday-afternoon options.

If you want to learn more about the adventures to be had in nature, this is the magazine for you. Known for being filled with useful and reliable information, a subscription to Escape is the perfect companion for your ventures into the natural world. Plus, while you’re here, be sure to check out our other culture and leisure magazines. Our site is also available in French, and we ship to 190 countries all over the world.


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