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DONG! is the magazine for budding reporters between 10 and 15 years of age! Brought to you by authors and journalists, it brings kids an age-appropriate and informative publication. In-depth reports bring kids quality information where authors engage critically with content. Photographs and illustrations bring kids enriching content. Thanks to high-quality visuals, kids will see that current events can be communicated in beautiful ways.
A great alternative to screens, DONG! helps kids understand other people. This magazine proposes great illustrations and important readings of current events. Seeking to stay engaged with the present, it opens up dialogues for kids on important subjects going on around them. The world’s workings become less mysterious. This magazine unpacks what’s at stake with our climate, social events, and ongoing trends.
More than just a magazine, DONG! helps kids understand the importance of History and satisfies their overwhelming curiosity. With high editorial standards, this review is made especially for kids, with great illustrations and no ads.
Subscribe to DONG! and bring your child a review based on sincerity, accessibility, and knowledge. Kids will find ways out of their misunderstandings and confusions in this complicated world. While you’re here, check out our French site, and don’t forget that we ship to over 190 countries — including yours!

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