Cocottes is THE magazine for moms who like to take everything into account when it comes to their families. Moms, and women more widely!

Day-to-day routines, work, children, relationships, friends, health and well-being, sexuality, organization, fun, and of course, our struggles. Cocottes takes on the lives of mothers in all of their richness and diversity.

If each issue discusses kids and adolescents, it’s not the only subject in play here. Indeed, Cocottes is first and foremost a women’s interest magazine. With tips on well-being and psychology, along with recipe ideas, travel itineraries, fashion, beauty, design, and sex, this magazine does it all. Here, we get under the hood of the questions todays moms might experience: time management, organization, and multitasking.

And because we know how important it is to give voice to our worries and doubts, as well as our joys, hopes, and successes, Cocottes offers interviews and stories from women just like you. All in all, each issue is brimming with new inspiration.

To put it simply, Cocottes is your ally in comfort and support — for all of todays moms and caretakers.

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