Campagne décoration

Campagne Décoration is a magazine that brings you along to discover the most charming, unique country homes. Whether it’s a restored farm building, a little castle, or a stable transformed into a cottage, you’ll discover interiors that illustrate the concept of home with simplicity and elegance. You’ll find a sweetness to life in these pages that sometimes lacks in urban spaces.

Plus, with Campagne Décoration you’ll get the best decoration and design ideas, inspired by revisiting past traditions and wrought with class. You’ll find the best new addresses for shops, markets, and materials, helping you to carry out your latest project for your hope. The past has much to bring to the contemporary, and certainly we could use some of its charm. Get ideas from professionals who know how to make updating a home fit into your busy lifestyle.

Each number contains beauty photo dossiers that’ll have you dreaming about your next home-improvement project.

We believe that great titles like Campagne Décoration should be available all over the world. That’s why we ship for free to over 190 countries!

*To access your digital version, you have to create an account on the publisher’s website. To do this, pick up your subscriber number from the protective film of your paper magazine. 


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