Astrapi Soleil

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Discover Astrapi Soleil, the magazine to help kids discover the Christian religion. Thanks to this publication, little ones will receive their first look at spirituality. Published four times a year, each issue contains plenty of diverse elements to capture kids’ attention.

A comic strip telling a story from the Bible is featured in each issue of Astrapi Soleil. Because learning is a visual activity, this will allow kids to discover sequences from the Bible in a fun and educational way. Thanks to the 32 pages offered here, children will learn all about the Bible.

You’ll also find a special section to help answer kids’ questions. Answers are thorough and respectful, making children’s first contacts with spirituality an educational affair.

A calendar will also help your child orient themselves in order to never miss religious events. Important dates and information to help them understand news in the Christian world are all contained herein.

Astrapi Soleil also provides activities for kids and parents to enjoy together.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our other publications in spirituality. No matter where you are, you can order and receive your subscription to Astrapi Soleil. Plus, shipping is free! Don’t wait to give your child an excellent introduction to religion.