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Alter, the European review on handicap research, is a human and social sciences review dedicated to research on handicap and differences in abilities. Alter is published by the European Society for Research on Handicaps. It seeks to keep its readers up-to-date on recent news in European research. An Alter subscription is a great way to stay abreast of all the latest in the community.

Alter is a Latin word, and its meanings reference both that which appears different, as well as that which is in transformation. It opens up the question of the nature and form of differences and transformations. Each article is written by dedicated professionals. Thanks to research conferences, experts in the domain shed light on the most recent discoveries. Plus, you’ll get reporting on the progress and new projects that are making a buzz in communities across Europe.

This review is for anyone interested in research on handicaps and difference. Researchers, students, and teachers will find valuable explanations on the most recent projects and advances. Plus, those living with handicaps and the associations that accompany them will find all the most exciting news about research and development. Alter, the European Review on Research in Handicaps allows everyone to keep up-to-speed on quickly-moving scientific advances.

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