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The little illustrated newspaper !

Thanks to Albert, kids will get useful answers to big questions with simple vocabulary and age-appropriate explanations of the news. Even if we often think that children live in their own little bubble, they’re filled with  big questions! The amount of information they deal with every day, whether at home or on the playground, only fuels their curiosity.

Albert takes on big topics in all their depth so that kids understand important subjects in their entirety. Whether it’s politics, society, science, or history, the reading level is accessible and simple.

The magazine is also filled with illustrations, making it way more fun to read! Twice a month, kids can work on analyzing the world around them. Articles are written to be age-appropriate without making them feel like babies, so they’ll come to better understand the world around them. This little magazine takes on big themes, much like children themselves! So it helps kids grow, and in doing so, helps them understand.

Each issue tackles different themes, from politics to history and everything in between. Plus, you’ll get collectible illustrations and a poster of the headline in each issue. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other Kids’ magazines!

Discover it for free here !

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