6 Mois

6 mois is a biannual French photojournalism magazine created in 2011. Twice a year, it offers photo reports on nearly 300 pages. By recreating the link between journalism and photography, 6 mois offers reports shaped by journalists from all over the world. In this way, it restores the meaning of photography by involving authors from all over the world.

What it offers:

  • Photo journalism: 6 mois renews the link between journalism and photography. The appetite of the public and the energy of the authors meet twice a year. This is why photography regains its full meaning with this magazine.
  • Views from all over the world: This century is young because of the beauty of different countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and China.
  • A magazine for the world: With each issue, Europe, America and Asia will join 6 mois. The texts will be translated, the content will be the same, simultaneous publication.
  • Neither advertising nor patronage: In order to live and develop, the magazine relies neither on advertising nor patronage but simply on its readers.
  • Distribution in bookshops and by subscription: It is distributed in bookshops and cultural outlets (Fnac, Relay, Cultura) in France and abroad.

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