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Review subscription : Soins Pédiatrie/Puériculture


Soins Pédiatrie/Puériculture

Review for all those involved in child care.

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Review subscription : Soins Pédiatrie/Puériculture

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Soins Pédiatrie/Puériculture is designed for nurses specialized in paediatric care who want to improve their knowledge of child care both in the hospital and school setting.

Soins Pédiatrie/Puériculture covers the entire spectrum of paediatric care, from the neonatal period to adolescence. The goal is to create an active network of relationships between healthcare givers working not only in the traditional hospital setting, but also in school dispensaries, public assistance centres and related institutions.

The editorial policy focuses on close collaboration among the different healthcare professions leading to a global approach to the child and the familial and social environment.

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