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What is a digital subscription


By choosing a digital subscription you will be able to access your favourite reviews and magazines wherever you are.

Your texts can be with you, wherever you go, because you can consult them in a format that works on PCs, tablets, smartphones.




How do I acces the digital version of my newspapers, magazines, reviews ?


Within an hour of purchasing your digital subscription with UNI-Presse, you will receive a confirmation email which will:


> either invite you to set up your user name and password for your "digital library"

> or advise you of your username and password for access to your "digital library"



Your library contains and makes available to you all your digital publications.

This library is secure, and can only be accessed by confirming your personal password.



The digital publications to which you are subscribed can be accessed:


> from your PC from the website and then clicking on the link to "My digital library"

> by downloading (free) our apps (for IOS and Android) for tablets and smartphones.



How long will my digital subsciptions will be available for consultations ?


Your magazines, newspapers and reviews will be accessible in digital format for as long as your subscription is in force (from the date it begins until the date it expires).


Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]