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 Tout Comprendre Plus  ET Tout Comprendre Max


Tout Comprendre Plus ET Tout Comprendre Max

Knowledge is the key of the success !

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Tout Comprendre Plus ET Tout Comprendre Max

Tout comprendre + is a new educational and informative magazine for kids and teenagers!


Discover every month, exciting topics centered on sciences, technologies, nature, discovery. For example, you learn the specificities on shark’s hunting, tsunami phenomenon, news about the planet Mars, latest medical advances and so much more. All the articles are amply illustrated with photos, which increases public comprehension.

Find in every new issue of Tout comprendre + :

-        -   Articles with a very rich information to understanding new technologies, nature, environment, space, transports, history…

-         -  Scientifics news

-         -  Products of the month ( video-games, new product launch…)

-          - Pages for your frequently asked questions and unusual pictures


Make a subscription to Comment ça marche and receive Tout comprendre +  : 4 time a year an additional magazine,  in order to developing new knowledge about a thematic topic

( environment, innovations, human body…) written by renowned professionals !

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